Track your newegg products' price history!

priceTrackr regularly crawls newegg to get updated prices for many of your favorite newegg items. Use priceTrackr Look up the price history for an item you are interested in purchasing on newegg. priceTrackr will help to inform you if now

See the examples below to get familiar with priceTrackr:

What is priceTrackr?

priceTrackr is a service which tracks nearly 100% of Newegg's items over time and presents each item's price on a timeline with a line for each of the following:

Original price
- The base price of the item.
Instant savings price
- The original price of the item with instant savings subtracted.
Rebate savings price
- The original price of the item with both the instant savings and rebate savings subtracted.
Shipping price
- The original price of the item, plus the cost to ship that item to zip code 93117 (Goleta, CA).

How do I use this site?

At present the only way to navigate this site is through search. Ideally you will know exactly what you're searching for after having navigated through Newegg to find it. You can search for anything within the title of the item, or by entering the Newegg product id directly into the search field you can go directly to the priceTrackr page for that item.

Finding the Newegg product id is as simple as copying part of the Newegg url when looking at a particular item. If you are on the product page for "Crucial 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory", then the url in the browser will be:

That last part colored in blue is the Newegg product id. Copying and pasting N82E16820148246 into the search box will take you directly to the product's page. Give it a try.

priceTrackr News

2009-10-15 - priceTrackr is back after two years of inactivity.